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I would like to take this time to thank Hurricane Sandy for cancelling school and work for the next two days so I can sit in my room and listen to Little Things and be on tumblr.

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I think hurricane sandy is just a metaphor of the feelings I have from listening to Little Things by One Direction

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Chapter 3

We walked in and out of shops for hours. Of course, we had to stop in the famous Harrods. I remember going here when I first visited London with a group of students from my high school. I got some new shoes for work and a new suit. I wasn’t sure what my internship required so I figured a nice skirt suit would be acceptable for the first day. Shay bought an awesome new bag and a few shirts. After Harrods, we decided to find a music store. We wanted to see what was popular here as well as pick up some new tunes. We headed into the Virgin mega store and were amazed by the large selection they had. We sifted through almost every single cd they had. I didn’t find much but grabbed a few dvd’s that I loved and Shay picked up a few records and some interesting new music.  

After the shopping we decided to head back to the flat and just relax and start unpacking.  When we walked in I decided to make some tea. Except , we didn’t have any. I threw my bags on my bed and decided to run to Tesco down the street and grab some.  Lucky it wasn’t that far, I ran in and looked around for tea. I quickly found some  that looked good and decided to pick up a few other things we might need for the next two days until we could properly go food shopping. I ended up with tea, milk, sugar, cereal, and a few bags of chips and pretzels.  It was a lot more than I expected and I had to carry it all by myself.  I walked down the street, my arms full of groceries and started to feel drops of rain on my face.  I looked up and saw that it was about to downpour. I wasn’t expecting it to rain, but I should have known that it would. We are in London after all. 

I kept walking, letting the rain hit my unprotected body. I still had a little ways to go until I got to our flat.  I arrived at the door but quickly realized that I had my keys in my purse and my hands were full with the bags. I tried to search for my keys and after a few attempts, I was able to get them. But as I was pulling them out of my bag they seemed to go flying into the street. Great, I thought. Now I had to dodge traffic and get my keys with my hands full. I waited until the cars stopped rushing by and headed towards the street. I was about to bend down  when I noticed another hand pick up the keys and hand them in my direction. I looked up and stared into the beautiful pools of brown that were his eyes. 

“th-th-thanks” I muttered.

“No problem” he admitted. “Would you like some help?” He offered.

“No thanks. I’ll be fine!”

He flashed a smile.

I quickly stood up and at the same time so did he. When I did, I finally realized he was the same guy that had walked into the café earlier. I quickly turned away and started walking towards my door. I played with the keys in my hand as I tried to get the right one for our flat. I put the key in the lock and turned it. As I was about to grab the handle I noticed another hand grab it and open it for me.

“Here, let me get this for you” he said.

“Thanks” I stammered.

“Anytime, babe” he proclaimed along with a wink.

I walked up the stairs and into the flat as fast as could, not sure what else to say to him. I hope I didn’t make a fool of myself by just leaving so abruptly but I’m sure he didn’t think anything of it. I was just some random girl that he held the door open for. I meant nothing to him.

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Chapter 2

We got off the plane and grabbed our bags. We headed out the large doors and went to the curb to find a taxi. Once we got in one, we were headed to our new flat in the heart of London.  It couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful city as we drove through London from the airport. It was as amazing as I had remembered it. When we arrived, we walked into the building, trudged up the stairs with our heavy luggage and walked into our beautiful flat. We were lucky that my internship provided housing and that they were willing to let Shay stay with me. The flat was huge, covered in windows, with modern furniture and fixtures, a place anyone would die for.  The best part was the view. From our window you could see Big Ben, the London Eye and all the rest of beautiful London.

“So what should we do first?” Asked Shay.

“hmmm. Let’s go get something to eat! I’m starving!” I said.

We plopped our suitcases in our room, grabbed our purses, and headed down the stairs. We had no clue where we were going but we decided to just head in a direction and start looking for something that served coffee and some sort of breakfast food. We were hungry and needed caffeine to make sure we stayed up all day.

After about a  five minute walk, we came across a small café. It was quaint and had barely any people in it. We walked in and headed to the counter.  Shay and I were obsessed with coffee and we were hoping this place would not let us down. We ordered our drinks and some scones and sat down at a little table in the front, near the window. We began to talk about our plans and wishes for this summer. We were both so excited to be having this experience and could not wait to start our internships.

Our coffee and scones were delivered to our table and we ate in silence. That’s the best part about our relationship; we didn’t have to be talking to each other all the time and we knew that everything was fine between us.

While we were eating I saw a cute guy stroll past the window. He was wearing a gray beanie and was sporting a pair of toms and was hiding behind a pair of aviators. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. I started to smile as I noticed that he was heading into the café. I tried to hide my staring as he opened the door and headed to the counter. I wanted to say something but I’m very shy and could never approach a guy. After all, I’ve had very bad luck in that department.

I motioned to Shay, and she winked at me, approving of my choice.  We sat there silently watching him order and then finally leaving the café.  I was sad when he left. That could have been the only chance I will ever see him.  Shay just smiled and said, “Don’t worry; I’m sure you will see him again. I bet he is a regular here!”

I smiled and said okay as we finished our breakfast.

“So what should we do first?” I asked. It was Friday and we didn’t have to start our internships till Monday so we had a few days to get situated, explore and adjust to the time difference.

“Let’s go shopping!”

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Chapter 1

It was summer and my best friend Shay and I decided to live in London for the summer. We both found internships that we were really excited about and we both loved traveling. Shay and I have been friends since 4th grade. We are even roommates at college. We were so close that we would know what the other was thinking and could finish each other’s sentences. It was the end of May and we were heading to London for 3 months.  We were so excited.

It took me forever to pack. How was I supposed to fit my entire life into two suitcases?  We were lucky that we could buy things once we got there, but I wanted to make sure I brought enough clothes to have for my internship. As for toiletries and that stuff, it really didn’t matter seeing as we would be living there for 3 months so we would have to go shopping for that kind of stuff.

It was the day of our flight and I was getting extremely nervous. I was always fine with flying but recently, it has started to scare me. The best thing for me to do is be really tired when we get to the airport so I could fall asleep once we got on the plane. Plus it would help with dealing with the jet lag the next day.

We got to the airport, got our tickets and headed to security. It was time to say goodbye to our families. We were both really close with our families and it was going to be hard being away from them for the whole summer, especially in another country. We said our goodbyes and headed through security.

“I can’t wait to live in a city and have an amazing summer” I said to shay .

“I know! It’s going to be the best summer of our lives” Shay exclaimed.

We waited for a while at the gate, and finally it was time for us to board our flight.

We sat down in our seats, and prepared to take off to London.

We got comfy, put our iPods in and tried to sleep.

I thought to myself, when I wake up, we will be in London.

When I woke up we were less than an hour away from London. I was sooo excited.

I woke up Shay, and informed her that we would be in London soon.

“I hope it’s as amazing as I remember” shay told me.

“I know! I loved it when we visited in high school so I’m sure it hasn’t changed much!”

We continued talking until we were informed that we were preparing for landing. We were soo excited. This would be the summer of our lives and an experience we would never forget.

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Chloe’s point of view

Here’s a little about me:

I’m just your average college student who’s working on getting a degree in something, just so I can have a job when I get out of here.

I had never really had good relationships with guys…In high school I had a crush on a guy who was my friend, we hung out and texted all the time, and we could tell each other anything. We had a few misunderstandings and now we don’t talk at all. I miss being friends with him but it’s for the better cause I let him walk all over me.

Recently I have become friends with this guy at college. After a while we became really close and could tell each other anything and we would text each other all day long. I even went to visit him a few times over the summer as he only lives about an hour away. He would always flirt with me and I took that as he liked me but apparently that was not the case sooo it caused a lot of tension in our relationship when I told him about it. Now we are back to friends but it’s not the same. I still feel like I can’t tell him everything and the fact that he continues to kinda flirt with me does not help the situation.

These two relationships were very similar. They both flirted with me and would text me all the time and I took that as they liked me but oh was I completely wrong. This was the reason why I have such a hard time getting close to guys. I can’t distinguish the difference between being friendly and wanting to be more than friends.

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